Thursday, August 5, 2010

Excerpt 2 from Chapter 2:

Things quickly get crazy, and you won't understand any of this, i've posted this deliberately out of context:

“Yes, your big toe. Give it to me.”

“So if you eat my big toe, just my big toe, then you won’t kill me?”

“Would eating you kill you? How strange. I didn’t kill the teapot or the table when I ate them.”

“Well they weren’t alive.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because they didn’t grow, or change… well that’s not right… look they didn’t ever move about on their own did they?”

“I’m not sure, you knew them longer than I did.”

“What? I thought you were here before me.”

“No, you were talking to yourself when I… became.”

“Oh, so are you still going to eat me?”

“Not if I can just eat your big toe.”

“Ok… what one do you want.”

“I don’t know, you pick, I’ve never been able to decide anything.”

“Alright, so we’re agreed that if you get this toe you won’t eat me, right?”

“No I won’t eat you, don’t be ridiculous, how could I eat YOU?”

“Ok do it then.”

Thomas trembled as the shape knelt down and lifted his left foot, and lovingly unlaced his shoe, removed his sock and carefully inserted the big toe into its no-mouth. The feeling of losing his toe into nothingness wasn’t exactly unpleasant. Seeing as Thomas remembered his big toe always running into objects and rarely bringing him any joy, he wasn’t after all one of those people who find the sensation of their toe being sucked to be the height of eroticism, Thomas actually enjoyed the sensation of losing his left foot’s big too. Soon the no-teeth had bitten all the way through, and to his surprise there was no blood, there was no wound. His foot ended cleanly and neatly where a big toe would have been. He found that he could not remember what it felt like to have that big toe. He could remember the fact that he had it at one point, but only the concept of the toe remained, there were no longer any memories of how it felt to wiggle the toe in a sock.

“Well that wasn’t so bad at all.” Thomas said still shaking, but now shaking more from relief than fear.

“That was incredible, and look!” The nothing pointed with its no-hand towards what was once its no-toe, and a miracle had occurred, there on the left foot was a big toe, to be specific: the sinister hallux. It was exactly the same as the toe Thomas had just lost, but now it was attached to nothing.

The shape said “If I thought I was living before… this” the nothing gestured wildly around and down at the toe “this my friend is living!”

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