Sunday, December 11, 2016


Feel it swell in your feet my friends. That is where it starts. It's a song that flows into you from the land. It goes from your feet up into your knees and thighs and loins and guts and finally into your heart. Im Herzen. That's where the song takes root and starts to live and breathe and sing. Then we're marching and singing in the streets. All of us are together, united together, because we have suffered a long winter together, a long time together, we have lost together and this is our moment. This is now the only moment when we get to share the fact that we are alive. This is the time when our voices join into a swelling chorus that even God in his high heaven cannot ignore, and the devil runs before us, running into the night. For we have, just for this moment as we all sing, found a place where neither God nor the Devil can harm us. We have come through the burning plains and freezing winds, we have marched together and died together as brothers, and I love you all so much, I would die for you, bleed for you, starve for you, and my brothers this is life at its sweetest, and let us sing for the ones we have lost.