Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Special: Iceberg Lettuce

The staff of the Particular made his way over to the 6 Sentences ( blog the other day, and the staff decided, on a whim, to submit six sentences to their site. On the very likely chance that they wouldn't approve, the editor-in-chief (god rest his blackened soul) decided to publish those six sentences here. The title of the piece is "Iceberg Lettuce." Without much further commotion, here it is:

Iceberg Lettuce
"On first dates, Africa doesn't count", she told me this when I brought up the subject of places we'd each like to see. I thought about answering the question with a very smooth, but ultimately futile: "Your apartment." She answered first though and she said the south pole. She carried on and on about how cute penguins were, or rather, are. I couldn't listen anymore, not with my childhood flashing before my eyes, I got up and left. Penguins killed my father.


  1. I couldn't find your post at all. However the search can't be the best. I tried looking by your last name, then penquins, then iceberg lettuce, then just lettuce. And not a single one was yours (and none of the results had anything to do with those search terms anyway)

    However i like the story. To me it goes in 3 very different directions. ---> interesting date conversation, stereotypical date conversation, and then the best, the grisly past.

  2. i saw the post (i believe it's on the ning site, not the main site). i was, and is, droll.