Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part of Me Will Float Forever At The Bottom of the Ocean

When that man from Denmark approached me, well it didn't make any sense. Why would I lock myself in a steel tube at the bottom of the ocean? The bigger question really was why I would lock myself in down there with five thousand other people. I imagined it after a couple of days, our bodies coming free from the restraints, bumping into each other in suspended animation. 

But then, I thought about it. I thought about how really I'm locked in a steel tube anyway, only the sun shines on me and I don't feel weightless. I imagined how great it would feel to have even a part of me, just a single part of me floating down there with everyone. We'd all be free from worry, and we would drift endlessly through the currents. 

When the time came I paid that man from Denmark, and he put me, well part of me, just some hair and blood, in that steel canister. Then the man from Denmark took a boat to the middle of the ocean and threw me and everyone else in the cylinder overboard. My friends and family tell me it is a sham, they ask me how I could pay a hundred dollars to have some of my hair put at the bottom of the ocean. 

I don't care what they say. They will never understand how I can still feel that little part of me: down there at the bottom of the ocean I am drifting endlessly through the currents, free from myself and everyone else. 


  1. http://guam.mvarietynews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6237:whos-ready-for-existential-art&catid=1:guam-local-news&Itemid=2

  2. I enjoy this one for its mystery about setting, meaning, and the purpose of the person seeking such a place.


  3. this one has an absolute gorgeous feeling, i'm happy to be left with it